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About Our Company

Lee Portrait.jpg

Lee, Owner/Opperator

Lee Stevens is an experienced contractor proudly serving the Seacoast community. With a background in construction management and previous success owning and running an asphalt maintenance business, Lee truly has a passion for quality. For him, Epoxy Moxy is a great way to display his skills and make another customer happy.

We Strive For Excellence In Every Project We Do. 

Customizing and Improving based on our Customers Needs

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David, Owner/Opperator

Starting a landscaping company in highschool David has always been attracted to hard work and meeting customer expectations. After successfully selling his company of 3 years, Hampton Yard Guys. David saw an opportunity in epoxy flooring and loved the idea of turning a neglected space like a garge into someting that looks, and fucntions better.

Servicing Coastal New Hampshire

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