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Epoxy Moxy Process

Prep Work: 
We start each job by mechanically grinding the surface of the concrete slab to create the correct profile. This ensures that the ground is porous enough for the base coat to sink in and create a powerful adhesion between  the concrete and the epoxy. 
We mandate a vapor barrier basecoat of 100% solids epoxy that prevents moisture trapped in the slab from coming to the surface, causing cracking and bubbling over time.


We offer a wide variety of epoxy and resinous coatings designed to meet the needs of your space. Whether we are putting down a high traffic, abrasion resistant epoxy or a beautiful metallic showroom floor, the product we use has been tested and customized based on your needs. We use UV resistant polyaspartic and urethane topcoats that will not yellow in the sunlight, and create a durable final coat to each project. Every coat is evenly poured out, squeegeed and back rolled to ensure a smooth finish. 


We ensure that all trash, materials and equipment is kept in an organized fashion, out of the way of home and business owners.

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